Great is Thy Faithfulness: Galileo Ceramiche Inc. Marks 22 Years of Ceramic Artistry and Family

Mandaluyong, Philippines – November 7 – 8, 2023 – In a celebration of legacy and artistry, Galileo Ceramiche Inc., a leader in exquisite ceramic craftsmanship, commemorated its 22nd anniversary. This significant milestone was marked with an exclusive event at their showroom located at 13 Sanggumay, Mandaluyong, Philippines. The celebration spanned two days of festivity, spotlighting the Galileo Ceramiche Inc’s commitment to exceptional quality and timeless family values.

Since its inception, Galileo Ceramiche has emerged as a paragon of innovation, overcoming industry challenges through a blend of artistic passion and strong community ties. The founders, Gaetano and Wilma Vitrano, credit their resilience and growth to divine providence and steadfast community support, which has been pivotal in the company’s evolution from a modest workshop to a celebrated brand.

Amidst a gathering of kin, colleagues, and clients, the Vitrano family shared inspiring anecdotes of yesteryears and visions of the future. “Our 22nd anniversary transcends the conventional business milestone; it’s a celebration of familial bonds and shared accomplishments,” proclaimed Gaetano Vitrano. “Our essence extends beyond the realm of business; we are the bearers of a heritage rooted in unity and mutual respect.”

The anniversary event was more than a commemoration; it was an ode to the journey, festooned with memories and aspirations. The ceremonial ribbon-cutting was a tribute not just to the company’s longevity but to the enduring patronage that has fueled its success.

Wilma Vitrano reflected, “Our voyage in the world of ceramics is an intricate mosaic of perseverance, collective endeavor, and the sheer pleasure of creating beauty as one. We’re thrilled at the prospect of forging new paths in design and craftsmanship as we uphold the Galileo legacy.”

The company is honored to have been joined by a distinguished group of guests who have significantly contributed to the fabric of Galileo Ceramiche’s history. Their heartfelt gratitude goes to Architect Miguel Tayag and Architect William Gan for gracing the event with their esteemed presence. They are also extending their warm appreciation to Sir Benjie Encarnacion and his team from Pacific Plaza Tower for their unwavering support. 

They give thanks are also with Engineer Bong, Mr. Jojo Arcadio, Mr. Richard and Mrs. Irene Salvador, and Architect Czarina Suck for their valuable participation. A special mention to the RCBC representatives, Ms. Roselyn, Sir Paulo, Sir Milly, and Sir Benigno, for their esteemed presence. Galileo Ceramiche is grateful to Loren Saitanan from PXL (forwarder) and our trusted broker, Sir Edgie and his wife, for joining us. Last but not least, we thank the Borromeo family for celebrating this milestone with us. Each of you has played a pivotal role in our company’s journey, and we cherish the opportunity to commemorate this anniversary with you.

In appreciation of the past and in anticipation of what’s to come, Galileo Ceramiche is grateful to all who have been part of their story and warmly invites others to join them in their continuous pursuit of excellence and artistic innovation.

For further insights into Galileo Ceramiche’s offerings and latest endeavors, please visit or the Mandaluyong showroom. Stay updated with Galileo Ceramiche’s latest news on  or


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